Debut Programs & Projects of NIDO South 2021 – ?

In tune with its objectives and goals, and its mission of active mobilization of Nigerian Diaspora expertise and resources for Nigerian development, NIDO SOUTH will closely work with the BOD/BOT to focus on the following activities as it takes off.

The activities may be executed through specific Offices in the CEC or via Standing Committees.

1. DIASPORA DIALOGUE WITH NIGERIA: Diaspora Perspectives on Nigerian Governance, Resource Management, Security, Education, Public Infrastructures, Judicial System etc.

This will be a bimestrial Zoom Q&A session whereby NIDO SOUTH will be inviting key leaders of the Nigerian Govt, NASS, Presidency, Judiciary, Foreign Affairs, Security, Science & Technology, Education, Works etc to the conference to be answering questions on different sector Nigerian Govt and management from members of the Diaspora Community.

2. THE NIGERIAN DIASPORA PROFESSIONALS DATABASE PROJECT. Convocation of all Nigerian Professional Groups in the USA by NIDO SOUTH to produce a Database of Nigerian Professionals in the Diaspora.


Promotion and Implementation of a miniature version of the MO Ibrahim Award for the Nigerian Govt Official that has made significant achievements in probity, quantifiable implementation of projects and/or programs that add value to Nigerian development in the areas of public electricity, public pipe-borne safe water supply, public sewer/waste management, highways and streets, science education and Science/technology R&D promotion.

Nigerian- and foreign-based corporations, and public and private agencies will be solicited to sponsor this event every year [combined physical and virtual event].

4. While #1, 2 and 3 are ongoing, we’ll target a sector in Nigeria to FOCUS on & develop…SUGGESTIONS ARE NEEDED…

5. Etc

6. Special NIDO Zoom Session: NIDO – JOURNEY SO FAR: A forum for pioneer members to reflect on the history of NIDO, NIDOA, NIDOE, NIDO-ASIA & NIDO-AFRICA from the OBJ Dialogue with the Nigerian Diaspora Community in 2000, through the establishment of the different Continental Organizations, Regional, District, or Country Chapters; and where we are today as achievements:

** Total Chapters

** Establishment of July 25th as Diaspora Day;

** Participation of NIDO Chairman in National Political Conferences in Nigeria


** Issues of Interest: Database of Diaspora Professionals; Diaspora Village; Participation in Governance; Diaspora Voting Rights; etc.